Understand Complexity – Keeping It Simple

The Partners at Fiduciary Wealth, have decades of experience working with institutions, foundations and families in senior management and advisory positions with leading investment banking, asset management and trust companies.

Based on a combination of our experience in the markets, the evaluation of presentations from many investment and consulting firms and our analysis of independent academic research, we continue to reach the following conclusion:

Index funds, and other low cost investment solutions, should be the at the center of all investment portfolios.

FWP is not passive

Talented managers and strategy professionals exist, and we constantly debate, analyze and implement ideas we receive from multiple sources in coordination with industry peers, trustees and members of our Research Roundtable.

Beyond helping clients implement and manage Core Portfolios, FWP appreciates how concentrated and unique opportunistic private investments can create wealth.

We help clients structure Opportunistic Portfolios, but we do not feel that alternative or private investments are a “need-to-do.”

Our General Investment Framework


FWP works to help clients understand and evaluate investments independently and stay anchored on the following:

Investing should not be a competition

Investing should be a personalized experience and investments should be evaluated and implemented solely on the probability of achieving goals and objectives within prudent tax, estate and governance policies and plans.

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