The Clarity All Investors Deserve

Investors deserve simple descriptions of products and services and simple explanations of strategies and business models.  They should have peace of mind.

We all have more access to information than ever before.  Unfortunately, however, the financial services industry remains unnecessarily opaque.

Fiduciary Wealth Partners believes all investors have the right to know the answers to the following questions:

Have you ever been in a meeting with an investment advisor or financial services firm and wondered if you really understood their business model and all of the components of the fees you were being charged?

Does your investment advisor share with you the cost-of-goods-sold of investment strategies and fully disclose all the fees involved and product mark-ups?

Do you ever wonder if a recommendation for a proprietary product or fund is really the best option to meet your goals?

Do you know if your investment advisor, broker or trust relationship officer is paid by commissions generated by products you buy or incentivized to offer certain solutions over others?

Does your current firm’s business model rely on proprietary products to drive acceptable profit margins, and if so, can they really be objective?

If a firm says they have a fiduciary approach, does this mean they are a true fiduciary, or are they really held to “buyer beware” suitability standards backed up by industry funded arbitration panels?

Even better, shouldn’t all of these issues be disclosed up front so they never even become concerns or questions?

Conflicts abound from firms with business models that are only profitable because of high margins derived from proprietary products or third party solutions that are only offered if prices can be negotiated down to allow a firm to mark-up the offerings with a wrap fee that makes them as profitable or more profitable than proprietary solutions.

Not all firms have the conflicts we mention above, and some conflicts can be appropriately managed. Unfortunately, however, investors are at a disadvantage when facing off against firms if they do not have past experience in the industry and know “inside baseball” terms.

The reality is that all advisory firms have conflicts of interest, including Fiduciary Wealth Partners. Conflicts are an inevitable part of any business. We believe that it all comes down to one word:  Transparency.

We feel this all comes down to an easy solution: simple, plain-language and disclosure — something everyone can do.

Fiduciary Wealth Partners wants to help change the conversation from unanswered questions to transparent dialogue about how products and strategies further investors’ goals.

Families and trustees hire us to manage wealth plans, but they often tell us what they value most is the transparency and peace of mind they get when working with us.