Fiduciary Wealth Partners has made a firm commitment to act as a fiduciary.

Below are actions that we have taken and additional pledges we make to our clients, whom we call partners. They form the foundation of what we believe should be the standard for using the term “fiduciary”.

  • We have given up the securities licenses that would allow us to take commissions from the sale of an investment fund, product or security
  • We do not accept any payments from any investment firm (“pay to play”) or have any fee sharing arrangements of any type with an outside firm
  • We do not have arbitration clauses in our agreements
  • All performance is calculated by independent third parties and is illustrated in reports net of all fees.
  • We are not affiliated with a third party investment firm, broker-dealer, or custodian
  • No outside firm has any ownership interest in our firm
  • We do not have proprietary or in-house investment funds

Everyone has conflicts, Fiduciary Wealth Partners included.

By staying true to our standards, though, we strive to increase Transparency and feel that we are in a good position to act in the best interest of our clients.