In his book The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham asked readers to imagine they are in business with a person named Mr. Market. This person is constantly offering to buy or sell shares, and because they suffer from a mood disorder, the only consistent thing about these offers is their extreme prices.

That means sometimes the price is far too high, and sometimes it’s far too low. Investors should remain patient and stick to their plans no matter what, but it’s not easy. This page collects some of the best advice we’ve found on how to do it.

Recessions – What Should Investors Do?

The evidence may surprise you.
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What To Do About Inversions

It is not easy and requires a lot of active discipline and fortitude.
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Should We Be Tactical?

We should be open and humble about our tactical ability to add value.
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It’s All Greek to Me

Let’s just admit it.  Even though we throw around Greek like we grew up in Athens, many in the business don’t always fully track what is being discussed.
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The Same Thing – Over and Over

The best long-term strategy is to stick to your long-term strategy.
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Stats About Statistics

Never be too sure about anything.
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