Keep It Simple Often Wins

Do you ever wonder what some of the terms below mean, how they really work and, importantly, if they consistently add value after taxes over keep it simple, fully transparent, liquid, and low fee strategies?

  • Smart beta
  • Portable alpha
  • Risk parity
  • Relative Value

Can your investment advisor or financial services provider explain all of the products and strategies they recommend in simple terms that all of your family members or future beneficiaries can understand?

If not, why not?

The founders of Fiduciary Wealth Partners, Preston McSwain and James Cornell, together have more than 50 years of experience developing, marketing, selling and advising wealthy families about complex investments and wealth planning strategies.

Evidence from many academic and industry studies shows that simple investment strategies often outperform complex ones, especially after all fees and taxes.  Our many years of practical experience has led us to the same conclusion.

Beyond the hard numbers, our experience has also taught us that investors are likely to stick to investment and wealth plans that they fully understand. We have found that if investors have greater peace of mind, they are likely to be more disciplined, stick to plans in both good times and bad, and not make a change due to emotions at the wrong time.

Fiduciary Wealth Partners works hard to stay anchored on the evidence and real outcomes we have experienced.

Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to establish investment and wealth plans designed to meet their goals, not the models of others.  We strive to help our partners stick to plans and enhance their peace of mind by increasing transparency and translating the complex into simple terms.

For more on how simple solutions have consistently outperformed the majority of what are often complete endowment and foundation portfolios read the following:

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