What Our Client Tell Us They Value the Most

The goal of Fiduciary Wealth Partners is to give our clients greater peace of mind. We strive to simplify the complex and provide transparency into the structure and performance of investment and wealth plans, so they are optimized to meet our partners’ goals, not the strategies or models of others.

The investment industry spends too much time and money promising and selling relative outperformance. Investing should not be a competition, it should be a tool that allows the investor to reach specific goals (a means to an end).

Fiduciary Wealth Partners strives to achieve attractive returns, but our keep-it-simple approach, which the evidence suggests outperforms many more complex strategies, focuses equal time and resources on improving client experiences and forming stronger relationships.

Humans are inherently competitive, and keep-it-simple strategies are not for everyone (some want to pursue the “New New Thing”), but we find that the aggressive pursuit of alpha at the potential expense of greater simplicity and transparency often reduces returns.

Versus selling alpha, relative performance and relative risk metrics (Sharpe ratio comparisons, etc.), we spend more time openly discussing both sides of topics such as active vs. index investments, listening to what clients want to achieve, and implementing strategies that increase their comfort and peace of mind.

By offering more transparency, simplicity and peace of mind, Fiduciary Wealth Partners focuses on earning the trust of our clients, which we feel is the foundation of lasting partnerships.

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